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615 S 9th Street at The Mardi Gras


Delicious hand crafted burgers, jumbo all beef hotdogs, with daily specials. We proudly serve all hamburgers on buns provided by Gastons Bakery.

Welcome to Triple B’s

Growing up in Boise and McCall I found myself always helping my Grandparents out at The Mardi Gras whenever possible. This included bussing tables, pulling weeds, cleaning the kitchen, buffing the dance floor, cleaning bathrooms, bar backing, and anything else that needed done. I learned numerous things from my Grandparents that carried with me throughout my professional career. After Graduating from Boise State, and completing 6 years with the 183rd Aviation Regiment, I worked as a Deputy Sheriff in Eastern Oregon and later took a position at the Oregon State Penitentiary.Eventually, I met Holly, ( now wife ), who was working as a fraud investigator. We decided to start our own Private Investigation firm and worked Criminal Defense cases, ranging from Theft to Murder. Going back to my roots, we opened a Cafe and Sports Bar, called Wilson’s Cafe and Sports Bar, in Hillsboro, Oregon. We later sold it and moved to San Diego. After years of working as a P.I in in Southern California, we decided to move back to Boise. Still working as a Private Investigator, I always find myself helping out at The Mardi Gras. During Covid lockdown I decided to build a commercial food trailer and open up down the street from my house. Having the opportunity to learn from two of the best and most amazing Grandparents, I acquired extremely high business values and ethics. Orson and Lydia Merrill set the benchmark for standards that I can only strive to achieve.

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Substitute Turkey or Gardenburger on Any Burger Menu Item

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We cater all events from family reunions, to weddings